The EACFFPC is a professional training program developed under a joint partnership between East Africa Revenue Authorities and national Freight Forwarding Associations within these countries through the Federation of East Africa Freight Forwarders Association (FEAFFA). In the EAC region, the program started in 2006 with support from USAID but in Rwanda, the EACFFPC started in 2008.

The EACFFPC is among key criteria for licensing of Customs Clearing Agents by the Revenue Authorities in the EAC. The holder of this certificate is recognized as a professional in Customs and Freight Forwarding industry. Consequently, the certificate will eventually lead to acceptance into employment and operation in the Customs clearing and Freight forwarding in any of the EAC members.


The course is intended to equip trainees with the necessary skills, competencies, and values desirable in Customs and freight forwarding in order to: 

  • Enable them to discharge their roles competently as Customs agents.
  • Entrench professionalism in the services offered by Freight Forwarders, especially in Customs clearing
  • Enhance ethical conduct, good governance, and integrity in the profession
  • Facilitate trade 


The course has three modules:

I. Customs module

This module enables trainees to correctly apply the provisions of customs laws and regulations and comply with the customs procedures in the process of clearing and forwarding goods.

The first four Learning Units are core and examinable units.

It Covers Five Units:

  1. Customs Laws 
  2. Customs Clearance Procedures
  3. Valuation and Rules of Origin
  4. Customs Tariff Classification
  5. Application of ICT

The first four Learning Units are core and examinable units.

II. Freight forwarding module

This module is aimed at introducing trainees to Freight Forwarding Operations with a view of enabling the trainees to competently execute freight forwarding services.

It covers two units:

  1. Port Clearance
  2. Freight Forwarding Operations

III. Basic management module

This module is designed to equip trainees with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them efficiently and effectively perform office functions with integrity and customer sensitivity.

It covers aspects of effective communication, Customer care, office best practice, Self-management, Ethics, and integrity as essentials in sound business management.

Course duration:

The course takes twelve Months for both part-time and weekend programs. 

Part-time program: Monday to Friday from 50PM to 8PM.

-Weekend program: From Friday evening to Sunday.


-The registration fee is ten thousand (10,000Rwf).

-The training course fee is seven hundred thousand Rwandan francs (700,000 Frw)


  1. Notarized High school certificate with two principle passes or university degree.
  2. Have basic knowledge in English & computer, and be able to get laptop computer when necessary.
  3. Fill the application form available on RWAFFA website ( and at RWAFFA Secretariat located Rwandex at Le prestige house.
  4. Copy of ID card or passport and Passport photo size.