RWAFFA Leadership

In a way of maintaining the best performance, RWAFFA operates under a well-designed organizational structure with the General Assembly as the supreme organ of the association; it is composed of all the effective members of the association. The Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the association and is assisted by the Disciplinary and Audit committees. At the bottom is the Secretariat, a technical arm of the association that runs daily activities.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Association. It is composed of all the effective members of the Association.

The Executive Committe

The Executive Committee is composed of Chairperson, The 1st and 2ndvice-Chairpersons, One Treasurer and The secretary-general. The Executive Committee ensures the smooth running of the daily activities of the association and manages the property of the association. It has all powers to administer the association as regards all administrative activities except those expressly assigned to the General Assembly by the constitution. Each member of the Executive Committee is elected by the General Assembly for a three-year mandate renewable only once.

The Executive Committee appoints members of the Secretariat to assist them in running the daily activities of the association. The secretariat is composed of the Executive Secretary and technical staff as the Executive Committee may deem fit.

The Audit Committee

The General Assembly appoints an audit committee comprising of three members for a three-year renewable mandate to audit the functioning of the association. The committee members should have competence in accounting, finance, and law. The Committee reports to the General Assembly.

The Disciplinary committee

The General Assembly appoints a disciplinary committee composed of five members for a three-year renewable mandate to handle disciplinary cases for members of the association and propose sanctions to be applied by the Executive Committee.