The Association is made up of effective members and honorary members. Effective member Is any registered company or professional, operating as a customs agent and agreeing to be bound by the statutes

Honorary member

Is any natural person or legal entity interested in the objectives of the Association and supporting; morally or materially its action. Effective members shall be committed to participating honestly in activities of the Association. They shall attend meetings of the General Assembly with voting powers. Application for memberships shall be forwarded to the Legal Representative of the Association. They shall further be submitted, for deliberation, to the General Assembly, which shall be decided, by the Simple majority of members present. Honorary members shall be proposed by the Executive Committee and agreed upon by the General Assembly. They shall only play a consultative role but may attend meetings without voting powers. Membership to the Association shall cease if:

  1. Resignation received and approved by the General Assembly.
  2. Exclusion or dismissal is pronounced by the General Assembly by the majority of the two-thirds of its effective members present.
  3. Death and Dissolution of the Association.