Aims and objectives

RWAFFA plays a variety of roles in the C&F industry in Rwanda however, largely the intent is to uplift best practices in the industry and uphold the competitiveness of the clearing firms to provide unveiled quality services in the region and beyond. Objectively

RWAFFA is charged with

  • Acting as a structure for the lasting dialogue between its members and the third-party institutions including public authorities at global levels.
  • Organizing trade events in or outside the country and promote members’ participation in commercial events organized by third parties.
  • Enhancing solidarity and mutual assistance between is members.
  • Promoting training to members and their employees.
  • Defending the interests of its members and represent them to third parties.
  • Fostering good relationship with other associations whose objectives are directly or indirectly similar to those set above.

Core Values

RWAFFA recognizes that having the right values will result in more efficiency, higher productivity, and better focus. The RWAFFA’s values include:

  1. Honest and Integrity 
  2. Efficiency
  3. Professionalism
  4. Transparency
  5. Member Orientation
  6. Accountability